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Watch the Creator of SimCity discuss the new SimCity (2013)

Watch the Creator of SimCity discuss the new SimCity 2013

To put it lightly, Will Wright is a visionary game designer. Most notably, he’s responsible for SimCity and the Sims, 2 of the most successful games of all time. SimCity has recently been remade by his company Maxis although he did not take part in the development of the game. EA released a video featuring Will Wright giving his impressions and experiences playing the new SimCity. Wright also goes … [ Read More... ]

SimCity 2013 Reboot PC System Requirements + Screenshots

Maxi’s reboot of the PC classic SimCity has a set release date of March 5th, 2013. It features persistent online play and a beautiful new graphics engine (Glass Box Engine). We’ve got the system requirements for SimCity (2013) right here. straight from Maxis. Check to see if your PC can run the latest SimCity

SimCity PC System Requirements:

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better or [ Read More... ]

Next Weekend Players Will Get to Try Out the New SimCity Beta

SimCity 2013 Beta

EA Games first announced the new SimCity reboot to be released on March 5, 2013 in the US and March 8, 2013, in Europe. However if you can’t wait until March there is a SimCity Beta right around the corner. EA and Maxis have announced a SimCity Beta in which users can test SimCity from Friday, January 25,2013, to Monday, January 28,2013. Players who are interested can sign up … [ Read More... ]

Cover Art: SimCity (SNES)

Welcome to Cover Art! A section of the site where we look at a retro video game’s box cover art and briefly discuss it’s gameplay and legacy. 

SimCity was a huge game for Mac and Amiga back in the late 80s, it also made it’s way to other platforms including PC DOS and the beloved Super Nintendo. While the original SimCity was developed by Maxis (now a part of … [ Read More... ]