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Maxis: “We have no intention of offlining SimCity anytime soon”

simcity offline patch busy servers

You read that right, although it should come as no surprise since Maxis has reiterated several times that SimCity requires servers to support it’s specific gameplay features. This was in response to a tweeted question where a user asked about what will happen after the SimCity servers are taken offline after a few years.

simcity offline patch

Maxis also spoke with Polygon in an article regarding the technical issues of SimCity’s launch, in … [ Read More... ]

SimCity: EA stops advertising & Amazon takes it offline

SimCity PC server problems EA Amazon

Thanks to a host of server issues with the internet required SimCity (2013) reboot, EA is putting a hold on advertising for the highly anticipated game. Servers being added, patches and features being disabled are some of things that are happening with SimCity. Players are complaining and requesting refunds constantly because they’re unable to sign on and play the game. Even Amazon is disabling the downloadable version of the … [ Read More... ]

SimCity: EA adding servers, disabling features, patching bugs

SimCity server down

To say SimCity’s launch is a bad situation would be an understatement. Many players can’t sign on and those that can are now losing features temporarily while EA & Maxis┬átry to improve and upgrade server performance. SimCity (2013), the first alway-on, internet required game in the series requires servers not only for multiplayer but also for simulation the world around your city and the effects that the different cities … [ Read More... ]

Retrospective: SimCity on DOS & SNES

With the release of the new SimCity (2013) it asks the question: Does the original SimCity hold up?

SimCity DOS review 1

I played 2 versions of classic SimCity to see if it was still up to snuff. First I tried the classic, aged graphics, DOS version. One thing is for sure, the game can be difficult. That’s not to say that it’s hard to play, but it does require a substantial amount of … [ Read More... ]