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Maxis founder Will Wright calls SimCity DRM “inexcusable” & gives commentary on the game industry

Will Wright SimCity CreatorWill Wright, the luminary game designer and founder of Maxis sounded off on his opinions of the 2013 reboot of SimCity. Although he designed the original SimCity back in 1989, he left Maxis in 2009 to form his own company Stupid Fun Club. Since then, Maxis developed the latest in the SimCity franchise which was disastrously┬áreleased this year. A disaster thanks to it’s requirement of an … [ Read More... ]

Watch the Creator of SimCity discuss the new SimCity (2013)

Watch the Creator of SimCity discuss the new SimCity 2013

To put it lightly, Will Wright is a visionary game designer. Most notably, he’s responsible for SimCity and the Sims, 2 of the most successful games of all time. SimCity has recently been remade by his company Maxis although he did not take part in the development of the game. EA released a video featuring Will Wright giving his impressions and experiences playing the new SimCity.┬áWright also goes … [ Read More... ]