Square Enix releasing Final Fantasy All The Bravest

Square Enix puts it this way, “A pick-up-and-go RPG with massive battles! The Active Time Battle system is back with the largest parties in FINAL FANTASY history!” The latest game in the long running Final Fantasy series is called Final Fantasy All The Bravest and will allow you to fight in massive turn based battles. To some this may sound like torture, but to us, it looks pretty cool. You have to go through continuous battles in the game and as you win battles, you proceed to new stages and gain experience points. The experience points then allow you to add on new fighters to your party, thus allowing you have battles where you control 20+ characters. All of this is done in Square’s classic ATB (Active Time Battle) system, which is the classic RPG turn based combat which allows characters to take turns fighting based on each characters own timer. Various characters from the history of Final Fantasy are in this game and some can be purchased as premium characters such as Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.

Check out the trailer below which demonstrates the gameplay of Final Fantasy All The Bravest

Some Final Fantasy All The Bravest screenshots…

Final Fantasy All The Bravest is coming out tomorrow on iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It looks like it will available for $3.99, which is a bit high for an iPhone game, but still a low priced game in general. It also a very cool website that tells you more about the game.

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