This 8-Bit Style Riot Sim looks pretty rad

8-Bit Riot Sim looks pretty rad 5

This actually looks pretty interesting. From a gameplay perspective, RIOT looks to be somewhat of a real time strategy game. The graphics and presentation look clean and understandable despite having retro-like 8-bit style graphics. You can pick one of 2 sides… the rioters or the riot police. RIOT is being developed by Leonard Lenny from Florence, Italy on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PC.

Check out the RIOT trailer below…

Riot screenshots…

Looks pretty cool. If you think so too, you can fund the development of RIOT via indiegogo.

Riot game official site

8 thoughts on “This 8-Bit Style Riot Sim looks pretty rad”

  1. On a note RELATED TO THE GAME (*cough* bitchingbitches *cough*) this looks really goddamn cool. I’ll most certainly be investing my money in this.

  2. Laughing at all the pixel-purists bitching about how this isn’t 8-bit, when they couldn’t create art this simple yet elegant to save their lives.

    Who cares if it isn’t true 8-bit, just enjoy the damn game.

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