Night Work Games: Original DOOM Creators Post Enigmatic Teasers For New FPS Game

john romero adrian carmack new game

John Romero, co-creator of Doom and Quake, posted a video on youtube which stars himself and Adrian Carmack, the artist of aforementioned games. The teaser video follows Carmack as he walks through the Irish countryside until he finds Romero, who is in a hooded jacket. Carmack hands him a keyboard and mouse, to which Romero dramatic nods while uplifting symphonic  Star Trek-like music plays. The video ends with a message in a futuristic blue font that says they will be announcing something (presumably a new game) on April 25th at the website

Watch “The Return” teaser below:

nightwork games

Upon further research, the company website is quite basic with a cratered Moon-like background. It features a company logo for Night Work Games which features the Moon in the middle with diamond plate steel texturing on the letters.

Below the logo it exclaims:


After signing up for the newsletter it says the first newsletter will be on Friday.

According to the footer, Night Work Games Ltd. is the “dark and violent subsidiary of Romero Games Ltd.” Romero Games is the new game studio opened in Ireland by him and his fellow game-creating wife, Brenda. The domain name for Night Work Games was registered on July 4th, 2015 to his California based game company, Loot Drop, under his first name, Alfonso.

The video and website obviously indicate that a new first person shooter is coming from John Romero. The video could mean that Adrian Carmack approached him to make the game. Given that Carmack was behind the dark and twisted imagery of Id Software’s games, the possibilities for what this game could be are exciting, especially for fans of their games.


To make things more interesting, John Romero teased a website for a company called HOXAR, Inc just a couple of days ago using the hashtags #PC and #FPS with a retweet on Twitter.  The domain name for the company,, was registered privately on February 4th of this year.  It includes information about the company and it’s products which include holographic virtual experiences, artificial intelligence, and more. In addition to Twitter and Facebook profiles, the site also includes a Jobs section and a press release section, with updates dated in 2036. Obviously, with that last detail, this is a fictional company which could be related to the Night Work Games teaser. All of this makes for a very Kojima-esque move on the part of John Romero creating fictional websites from the game universe and the very mysterious early marketing campaign.

We looked up the address for the fictional company, “11666 E Del Cielo Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255“, and found that there appears to be nothing there. However, we will take a drive by soon and let you know if anything has changed since Google Maps photographed it. There’s also no street view for the ominously numbered address.

hoxar address

That’s all we have for now. The internet is buzzing from these teasers, but we will update when news is posted about the new John Romero and Adrian Carmack game.



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