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DOOM Co-Creators Announce Kickstarter for new FPS “Blackroom” + Concept Art

Blackroom Logo

As teased last week, DOOM Co-Creators John Romero and Adrian Carmack have returned, together after a 20-year hiatus, to create a brand new hardcore FPS called Blackroom. The game is being developed by Nightwork Games, a division of Romero Games, the studio founded by Brenda and John Romero in Ireland. Romero and the team are funding the game with Kickstarter, relying on the passion of … [ Read More... ]

Night Work Games: Original DOOM Creators Post Enigmatic Teasers For New FPS Game

john romero adrian carmack new game

John Romero, co-creator of Doom and Quake, posted a video on youtube which stars himself and Adrian Carmack, the artist of aforementioned games. The teaser video follows Carmack as he walks through the Irish countryside until he finds Romero, who is in a hooded jacket. Carmack hands him a keyboard and mouse, to which Romero dramatic nods while uplifting symphonic  Star Trek-like music plays. The video … [ Read More... ]

Interview: Tom Hall, Owner Of Pieces of Fun & Co-Founder of Id Software

Interview Tom Hall Owner Of Pieces of Fun Co Founder of Id Software
Photo Credit: Terri Hall

For many, Tom Hall is known as the co-founder of id Software and co-creator of the genre changing games, Doom and Wolfenstein 3D. Despite all that, a game he holds much more dearly to his heart is Commander Keen. Tom Hall spent the last decade doing everything from independent game design, to high profile mobile ports, to highly successful social game design. After a … [ Read More... ]

History: Let’s Take a Look inside the Office of Doom Era id Software

History Let's Take a Look inside the Office of Doom Era id Software

id Software has made some of our favorite games of all time and some of the most revered titles of all time. As a company they’ve grown and changed tremendously over the years, not just in their staff, but also in the games they make. They started off with classic style platforming games, then eventually moved on to making the prototypes of the modern FPS. Eventually, they made … [ Read More... ]