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New Wii U Nintendo Land Gameplay Video Trailer & Screenshots

Nintendo released a new trailer for its Wii U launch title Nintendo Land demonstrating some of the key games inside the virtual theme park. The tag line for this game is “Nintendo’s biggest game worlds in one giant theme park.

Here is a description of the various games shown inside of Nintendo Land.

Competitive Attractions:

 Animal Crossing Sweet Day

“Eat and Run”

A game where you … [ Read More... ]

Painkiller Remake Trailer & Screenshots

A trailer for Painkiller: Hell & Damnation has just been posted to Youtube. It basically recreates the intro from the original game, depicting a violent car crash.

The remake is being developed by Polish game development studio The Farm 51, which was founded by 2 members of the studio that originally made Painkiller, People Can Fly. Nordic Games has taken the game on as publisher. They’re … [ Read More... ]

GamesCom: Rain and Puppeteer, Sony

Sony’s Japanese Development Division has been flexing their creative muscles, and showing some amazing results. I’m referring to Rain and Puppeteer, which were debuted at GamesCom.

Puppeteer is a cool puzzle platformer with a puppet theme. You play a boy, who’s been turned into a puppet and can change their heads to get different capabilities. The levels are set on the same stage, which then changes lighting, backgrounds, … [ Read More... ]