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Nintendo is bringing more Zelda games coming to the 3DS


The critically acclaimed The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages & Oracle Of Seasons are coming out on the Nintendo 3DS says Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma. The 2 Zelda titles were individually released on the Gameboy Color 12 years ago. They were both celebrated for their graphics on the aging handheld and for their gameplay fun. Furthermore, you could trade passwords between the 2 games which allowed gamers to … [ Read More... ]

This 8-Bit Style Riot Sim looks pretty rad

8-Bit Riot Sim looks pretty rad 5

This actually looks pretty interesting. From a gameplay perspective, RIOT looks to be somewhat of a real time strategy game. The graphics and presentation look clean and understandable despite having retro-like 8-bit style graphics. You can pick one of 2 sides… the rioters or the riot police. RIOT is being developed by Leonard Lenny from Florence, Italy on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows PC.

Check out the … [ Read More... ]

Pokémon3D Remakes Your Gameboy Childhood as an RPG FPS

With Nintendo (in)famous for remaking its old games in 3D, it’s impressive to see what’s been made so far with Pokémon3D. Just one thing: It’s not being made by Nintendo. Heck, its not even official. Thank goodness for the Germans because Nils Drescher AKA nilllzz has been hard at work making Pokémon3D a reality.

Check out this gameplay of Pokémon3D below…

Pokémon3D is a work in progress. Its … [ Read More... ]