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DayZ could be coming to PS4

DayZ could be coming to PS4

According to DayZ creator Dean “Rocket” Hall, Sony has met with him and discussed his amazingly popular Arma II mod, DayZ. DayZ, which is being converted into a stand alone game, allows for open world, free roaming zombie survival. The game is primarily played online on vast maps with zombies roaming the land. Hall is still working on the stand alone PC version of DayZ and … [ Read More... ]

New DayZ Update Adds Dogs

DayZ, the open world, online zombie survival mod will be receiving an update with a significantly new gameplay element… Dogs.

That’s right, now man’s best friend can help you survive in the harsh world that is DayZ. Dogs in DayZ get better the more they’re used and learn. At first, they are not very useful just as any dog would be in real life. But as time goes … [ Read More... ]

COOL MODS: Day Z Goes Official

Day Z is all about survival… and zombies. This is a game where you have to manage food and water, keep an eye on injuries, even your character’s pain threshold, bandits, transportation, sleep, and, of course, zombies.

Its a free mod of Arma II, the game made by Czech developer Bohemia Interactive. Day Z is made by Dean Hall, who is an employee … [ Read More... ]