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Microsoft and Samsung show off the IllumiRoom

Samsung Microsoft IllumiRoom Xbox Kinect 2

At CES 2013, Microsoft and Samsung demonstrated IllumiRoom, an R&D project by Microsoft designed to make games more immersive. By using a special projector and Xbox 360’s KinectIllumiRoom makes a 3D map of your room and then projects elements of the game world around you. In the examples shown, explosions and particles come to life off screen… snow in a racing game falls in the room … [ Read More... ]

Gabe Newell Reveals Details About Valve’s Steam Box

Valve Gabe Newell Steam Box Details

Valve president Gabe Newell shed light on the much anticipated Steam Box at this year’s CES, and yes, he called it a Steam Box. Despite initial predictions that the Steam Box would be a home console, instead it’s a line of streamlined gaming PCs designed to integrate with your TV. Interestingly, it will run Linux and be completely open source which shouldn’t come as a surprise given Gabe [ Read More... ]

Nvidia Project Shield Features and Details

Nvidia Project Shield 1At CES 2013, the president of Nvidia debuted their first portable gaming console, currently called Project Shield. He presented it along with a live a demo of the hardware which showed a stunning looking model of Shield running on the Unreal 4 Engine. Inside this bad boy is Nvidia’s new GPU, the Tegra 4. It’s got some impressive muscle.

Nvidia Project Shield Specs (So far)…

  • Tegra
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