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Dark Souls II: New engine, PC vs Console version FPS & more revealed

Dark Souls II

From Software’s Dark Souls II is proving to be one of the best sequels in recent gaming history. In some recent interviews, it’s been revealed that Dark Souls II is being developed for the PC with the console versions being ports. Furthermore, the PC version is targeting 60 FPS with the console versions at 30 FPS due to their innate technical limitations. This contrasts the original Dark Souls which was … [ Read More... ]

Dark Souls II gameplay video and screenshots

Dark Souls II screenshot 12

Details including gameplay video and screenshots have been revealed for From Software’s upcoming action RPG, Dark Souls II. IGN interviewed Yui Tanimura (Director, From Software) and Tak Miyazoe (Global Producer, Namco Bandai) which revealed many details about the gameplay and focus of Dark Souls II.

Dark Souls II will have a┬áheavier focus on stage design and the “3D” nature of them; for example multi … [ Read More... ]

Dark Souls PC Graphics Patch (DSfix)

It’s no surprise that Dark Souls was released on Windows PC with subpar graphics. To many, this was a deal breaker for buying the PC version, even with the new features. But for one gamer named Durante, it was something for the To Do list. Dark Souls on PC is, by default, limited to 1024×720 resolution and 30 FPS, just like the console version. Durante has made it where … [ Read More... ]