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Movies For Gamers: Zombieland (2009)

Movies For Gamers is a section of BabysoftMurderhands.com where we post and discuss a trailer for a classic cult movie. The movies we select will hopefully be movies that gamers will love too. And of course, if you haven’t seen it, we’ll give you a link to get it.

Zombieland Poster

If you’re looking for a fun movie to watch, packed with action and comedy, Zombieland is a prime selection. Not only … [ Read More... ]

Akira Yamaoka First US Show Interview: Joe Romersa

Joe the Drummer. That what Joe Romersa calls himself, but he’s a lot more than that. He’s a composer, songwriter, lyricist, multi instrumentalist, voice actor, dubbing director, sound engineer and a hell of a nice guy! For those of you that missed it, back in September, Akira Yamaoka debuted his Silent Hill band live in the US. Their first live shows in the US were in the Phoenix, … [ Read More... ]

Until Dawn challenges current survival horror giants

After watching the trailer for Until Dawn it becomes apparent that this game could be a strong competitor for genre sweethearts Silent Hill and Resident Evil (formerly a survival horror game). The game is being released for Playstation 3 and will utilize the PS Move controller for gameplay. Supposedly, it may also support standard controller gameplay according to Kotaku (let’s hope). The developers of Until Dawn, Supermassive Games, … [ Read More... ]