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Mojam is Over – Download Some New Mojang Games & More

Mojam 2 (aka, Mojam 2013) is officially over. Mojam is an event started by the Indie Game Developer Mojang (The company behind the hit game MineCraft), during the event people could donate money to two charities and watch 72 hours of Mojang, as well as other Indie Game Developers, work on some new games. You can read more about it here. However, only people who … [ Read More... ]

Creators of MineCraft are Developing Games for Charity


Mojang, the Indie Game studio behind Minecraft, is coding video games to raise money for charity. They are working along with some other Indie Game studios such as:  Grapefrukt, Ludosity, Oxeye Game Studio, Vlambeer, and Wolfire Games. The studios’ work will be livestreamed for the next 78 hours as an event known as Mojam 2 (aka: Mojam 2013).

As the official Mojam [ Read More... ]

Video Game Tube: The Glitch

The Glitch by Corridor Digital

We’ve all seen it… the gun stuck in the ground. The red ninja. The red fireball. The hidden world. Glitches. Film makers Corridor Digital have made a funny video centered around such glitches. Watch it below…

You can see cameos by characters like Mario, Link from Zelda, a Call of Duty type character, Minecraft Player and Halo’s Master Chief as they all get wrecked from a glitchy game. … [ Read More... ]

Minecraft: Dishonored Mod

What could be better than playing Dishonored in Minecraft? Probably a lot of things unless you’re Swuu, creator of the Dishonored Mod for Minecraft. Complete with “Blink” and various other weapons from Bethesda and Arkane’s stealth action game, fans of both worlds should find plenty to like here.

Swuu announces, “The Dishonored Mod includes some many from the game, for example the Sword, the [ Read More... ]