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Reasons to get Amazon Prime For Gamers

Amazon Prime for Gamers

Amazon is one of the easiest ways to buy your favorite video games. Being one of the largest online marketplaces has its benefits for gamers and consumers. Prices are often the lowest found online and they usually have a huge stock of the newest games, sales and exclusive deals. Amazon is now offering gamers another reason to get Amazon Prime.

All new and pre-order games are now 20% off for [ Read More... ]

Thief 4/Reboot trailer leaked

thief 4 trailer

If you’re one of the many gamers eagerly waiting info on the latest game in the acclaimed Thief series, then wait no longer. A trailer has leaked which demonstrates a cinematic look at the gameplay of Thief. It’s now been uploaded to the official youtube channel for the new Thief game.

You can watch it below in high quality…

The video leaked earlier this morning was discovered by users … [ Read More... ]

King Voxel: Inspired by Zelda with the soul of Minecraft

King Voxel Inspired Zelda Minecraft screenshot 2

Minecraft has taken the world by storm with it’s retro looking, 3D voxel graphics. New projects using voxels are turning up quite often, continuing the trend of retro-like graphics. Every now and then an awesome looking game comes around, such as King Voxel. King Voxel is a an action RPG heavily influenced by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series and Atari 2600’s Adventure. It’s ambitions are simple… that is … [ Read More... ]

Maybe you didn’t believe the video of Killzone on PS4 was in Realtime

Maybe you didn't believe the video of Killzone on PS4 was in Realtime

On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, host Fallon and comedian Anthony Anderson got to play Killzone Shadow Fall on the Playstation 4. First they checked out the brand new Dual Shock 4 and then got a quick demonstration of the game. Then Fallon and Anderson play the game, albeit terribly. One thing’s for sure though… you can’t fake that type of playing. So it’s definitely real.

Watch the … [ Read More... ]