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Disney Interactive’s New Focus Is In-App Purchases

Disney Interactive Disney Infinity

Disney Interactive has officially announced the closure of Junction Point Studios. Junction Point, known for the hit Epic Mickey series, was established by veteran game designer Warren Spector in 2005 and acquired by Disney in 2007.  Spector, with a catalogue of game credits including Deus Ex and System Shock, left fans and family with a few parting words in an open letter on his Facebook account[ Read More... ]

Nintendo Wii, 3DS, & Wii U 2013 Release Dates Announced

Nintendo Consoles Release Dates 2013

Nintendo has sent out a PR email announcing a handful or release dates, and some release windows, for soon to be launched first and third party titles. The list is exclusive to North America, seems to only cover games launching between now and April, and includes all of the big N’s currently marketed consoles. For those not in the loop these include the portable Nintendo 3DS, the 2005 home … [ Read More... ]

Nintendo’s Mini Wii has no wifi, no usb, and no GC compatibility. Why?

In a strange update from Nintendo, they announced a new smaller, compact model of the Wii. This isn’t the strange part. The strange part is the fact that the Mini Wii, as they’ve dubbed it, will not be able to connect to the internet. It also doesn’t have a USB port, so you can’t even connect a USB Wifi adapter. To make things even more strange, they’ve also … [ Read More... ]