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Wii U Online Services Explained including Nintendo Network & Miiverse

Nintendo released a new video on their youtube channel detailing the online features and functionality of the Wii U console. The video breaks down how to get a Nintendo Network ID and how Miiverse will tie in with the games.

Each Wii U console will allow 12 Users per system with their own Mii Character. Each user’s Mii will store their own game settings, saves, bookmarks and play history. … [ Read More... ]

The Pain and Fun of Kinect/Wii/Move Video

We found this fail video on youtube… No longer are gaming injuries limited to the thumb! Now you and anyone in your general area are at risk of a punch in the head… Check out this often cringe worthy video of various Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii fails…

Play safe people and for christ’s sake put your kid in a play pen.

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Wii U Release Date & Price for US & EU Announced + Wii U DVR Features

Nintendo announced during its press event in New York that the Wii U release date in the US is November 18, 2012. About 1 month before the Japanese release date. Nintendo also said the European Wii U launch date is set for November 30, 2012. Just as in Japan, the Wii U will be launched with 2 versions for gamers in the west.

The Basic Wii U [ Read More... ]

Nintendo Wii U Release Date Specs & Launch Titles Announced

Nintendo announced during its big press event today that the Wii U’s launch date in Japan will be December 8, 2012. Nintendo also announced 2 of the first launch titles… New Super Mario Bros U and Nintendo Land. No other titles have been confirmed as of yet, but with any luck there will be at least a couple more titles from Nintendo, who is well known for … [ Read More... ]