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Microsoft Responds to the Durango Dev Kits By Not Really Answering

There has been various questionable evidence that indicates the next Microsoft Xbox is codenamed “Durango“. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Microsoft. There are even alleged Microsoft XBOX Durango dev kits being listed for sale on EBAY for tens of thousands of dollars!

When asked if these kits were real by Kotaku, Microsoft replied with the somewhat vague comment…

“Xbox 360 has found [ Read More... ]

E3: Sleeping Dogs

A new very cool looking game is on the horizon, Sleeping Dogs. Square-Enix and United Front games are making a brand new crime drama game, following the Triads. You’ll be playing an undercover cop who’s joined a Triad in hopes of bringing them down. It seems you’re in a deep cover role, and your fellow cops are worried that perhaps you’re too deep under cover. This game looks promising with … [ Read More... ]

E3: Halo 4 Motherf**kers!

Okay so here’s the lowdown, Halo 4 is probably going to be the best Halo yet. With 343 Industries (or as I call them, Bizzaro Treyarch), the successful and useful in-house dev team that doesn’t seem to be shaming the flagship series they’ve been handed. The reason why I say this is because the new footage of Halo 4‘s campaign and the past footage of the multiplayer seem … [ Read More... ]

Mirror’s Edge – Xbox360 – A Not So Retro Retrospective Hands On

So I was looking at my games on the 360, when I spotted Mirror’s Edge. Ah yes… that was a fun game, didn’t get the best reviews, and often got unjustly slammed for being weird to parkour in first person. However, I do believe it was mainly because it’s just f*cking hard at times and takes a lot of mastery to get the really really good (you know? … [ Read More... ]