Atari Arcade: Official Atari Free To Play HTML 5 Arcade

Back in the 80s, you could play Atari games in a dark room surrounded by other machines with glowing screens. You could also play them at home. Atari now is letting you play their classics for free, right in your browser and they’re calling it the Atari Arcade. All the games are made using Javascript and HTML 5 which load natively in your web browser. Any HTML 5 compatible … [ Read More... ]

The Pain and Fun of Kinect/Wii/Move Video

We found this fail video on youtube… No longer are gaming injuries limited to the thumb! Now you and anyone in your general area are at risk of a punch in the head… Check out this often cringe worthy video of various Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii fails…

Play safe people and for christ’s sake put your kid in a play pen.

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New Mojang Game: 0x10c Gameplay Video

The creators of Minecraft are working on a brand new game called 0x10c. The CEO of Mojang, Markus “Notch” Persson posted this video on his youtube channel. It demonstrates some of the multiplayer features of 0x10c and some sound effects.

Markus Persson’s note on the video says “The bot character is a placeholder model, and the flickering is a bug. Most of everything is missing, but [ Read More... ]

Cover Art: Rise Of The Triad (PC)

Released in 1995 by Apogee for PC, Rise Of The Triad was an action adventure FPS. It was developed by Developers of Incredible Power, lead by former Id Software employee Tom Hall. Check out its cool cover art below…

The game received favorable reviews and enjoyed success. In 2012 Apogee debuted a remake of Rise of the Triad at Quakecon 2012. We were lucky enough to … [ Read More... ]