Minecraft creators, Mojang, reveal their new game Scrolls

Mojang Scrolls screenshot

If you’re expecting more pixels and simple geometry, get ready for a surprise. Mojang’s latest game, Scrolls, is a strategy and digital card game. Minecraft developer Mojang has also revealed the release date and price of Scrolls.

We also have a confirmed release date. Scrolls will hit Open Beta on June 3rd, one week from today. You’ll be able to buy Scrolls for £13/€15/$20, depending on where [ Read More... ]

“You will have fame, you will have fortune” says Peter Molyneux about the ending of Curiosity

Peter Molyneux Godus Curiosity

Peter Molyneux, creator of Populous and Black & White, is promoting his next game Godus by offering the winner of his current game a piece of the pie.

Peter Molyneux is currently developing games with his current company 22 Cans. His latest title is Curiosity and will be followed up with Godus later this year, a sequel to Populous.

22 Cans official site

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Kojima says his next trailer “intentionally avoids” explosions & destruction

Kojima explosion trailer

Metal Gear series creator, Hideo Kojima, announced via Twitter that his next trailer will not focus on explosions and destructions. He explains, “Trailers these days has lots of explosion, crash, destruction, and fall. I intentionally avoid those elements in my next trailer.”

One could assume that he is talking about a new Metal Gear Solid trailer.

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