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Sexy Monster Hunter Cosplay

Sexy Monster Hunter Cosplay Nargacuga Armor Narga X 3

Here is a sexy Monster Hunter cosplay done by Reo at This cosplay is based on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite’s Narga X armor set. Although this costume is based on the full equipment class, I think this costume is awesome enough to feature it here. And the contacts were a nice touch, too.

Sexy Monster Hunter Cosplay Nargacuga Armor Narga X 2

 Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is a video game in the Monster Hunter franchise for … [ Read More... ]

Crystalcosfx & Her Sexy Metal Gear Cosplays

MGS Metal Gear Solid Figure Sweet Raiden Cosplay Crystalcosfx

Crystalcosfx on DeviantArt has a full array of epic Metal Gear costumes. Crystal has been cosplaying since 2005, and her first convention was Comic con in California her home state. Crystalcosfx has also been to the Tokyo Game Show. She creates amazing costuming works from various anime, comics, and obviously video games. Of course, other than creating a great cosplay, having a great photographer and a nice … [ Read More... ]

Bad Ass & Sexy Tomb Raider Lara Croft Cosplay

lara croft tomb raider III Cosplay 2

Tomb Raider III is a 3D action-adventure game that was developed by Core Design and was published by Eidos Interactive. It is the third installment in the Tomb Raider series. Tomb Raider III was originally released for PC and PlayStation back in November of 1998. Then later on PlayStation Network in 2009 for North America.

lara croft tomb raider III Cosplay 3

lara croft tomb raider III Cosplay

This freaking amazing Lara Croft cosplay is done by JennCroft on … [ Read More... ]

5 Truly Epic Video Game Cosplays!

I just wanted to give a small shout out to some amazing cosplayers that I’ve seen on the internet. I, myself as a cosplayer, want to give some sweet respects to these epic and badass cosplayers. Keep it going guys!

First, we have a cool Street Fighter Chun-Li cosplay done by Neferet_Ichigo on This cosplay was done well, even the make-up looks authentic…

Street Fighter Chun-Li cosplay done by Neferet_Ichigo2 BabySoftMurderHandsStreetFighterChun-LicosplayNeferet_Ichigo1

Next is an awesome duet cosplay … [ Read More... ]