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NowGamer passes 1 million unique visitors

Imagine Publishing’s games website breaks records.

NowGamer, Imagine Publishing’s flagship games website, has passed 1 million unique visitors for the first time in its history.

NowGamer reached 1,151,450 unique visitors for the month of November. The figures include 402,309 visitors in the UK and over 2 million page impressions.

More readers than ever before are coming to NowGamer to get their buying advice, gaming news and guides to playing the … [ Read More... ]

The BBC Micro turns 30 today

30 years ago today the BBC Micro was first unveiled. The computer became a firm fixture in classrooms across the UK in the Eighties thanks to its tie with the BBC’s Computer Literacy Project, a television show aimed to teach children the basics of computer science.   

Looking for a versatile computer with which to base its project on, the BBC approached a number of British computer manufacturers in its search. … [ Read More... ]

Ron Gilbert reveals concept art from his Double Fine project

Ron Gilbert has revealed two pieces of character art from his new project for Double Fine.

Unveiled on his personal blog, Gilbert revealed that the ‘playable’ characters are from a game idea he’s had rolling around in his head since before Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island.

Knowing Ron was big into adventure games before creating Maniac Mansion, and enjoyed the Seirra graphic adventure games King’s Quest and Space … [ Read More... ]

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 isn’t as good as Commando – 3 reasons why

In a new feature we’ll be trying our best to explain to you why modern games such as Skyrim and Batman: Arkham City fail to match up to retro games. In the firing line this week is Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and doing the shooting is Capcom’s Commando.  

The launch wasn’t as sad

This year’s Call Of Duty launch mania is thankfully over: its an annual steeplechase that … [ Read More... ]