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History: Let’s Take a Look inside the Office of Doom Era id Software

History Let's Take a Look inside the Office of Doom Era id Software

id Software has made some of our favorite games of all time and some of the most revered titles of all time. As a company they’ve grown and changed tremendously over the years, not just in their staff, but also in the games they make. They started off with classic style platforming games, then eventually moved on to making the prototypes of the modern FPS. Eventually, they made … [ Read More... ]

Interview: 10 Minutes with Tim Willits of Id Software (Exclusive Doom 4 Detail Revealed!)

Here is an interview that Tom did with Tim Willits, Studio Director of Id Software. This interview was given during QuakeCon 2012. Tim discusses his history at the prolific game development studio, how he got started making FPS’s, Doom: BFG Edition, Rage and even a single detail about Doom IV!

Tom E: How long have you been with Id and where would you say your story really … [ Read More... ]

John Romero has a Pixel Art Painting of Doom

That’s right. Inside of John Romero’s home, one of the creators of Doom, is a pixel art, fine art painting of a scene from id Software’s Doom on his wall.

Check out the Doom painting here:
(Click for full image)

As fellow Doom nerds, seeing this hanging in the house of one of the “God’s of Doom” is amazing. To see more about Romero you can follow … [ Read More... ]