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Microsoft and Samsung show off the IllumiRoom

Samsung Microsoft IllumiRoom Xbox Kinect 2

At CES 2013, Microsoft and Samsung demonstrated IllumiRoom, an R&D project by Microsoft designed to make games more immersive. By using a special projector and Xbox 360’s KinectIllumiRoom makes a 3D map of your room and then projects elements of the game world around you. In the examples shown, explosions and particles come to life off screen… snow in a racing game falls in the room … [ Read More... ]

The Pain and Fun of Kinect/Wii/Move Video

We found this fail video on youtube… No longer are gaming injuries limited to the thumb! Now you and anyone in your general area are at risk of a punch in the head… Check out this often cringe worthy video of various Xbox Kinect, Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii fails…

Play safe people and for christ’s sake put your kid in a play pen.

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Microsoft Responds to the Durango Dev Kits By Not Really Answering

There has been various questionable evidence that indicates the next Microsoft Xbox is codenamed “Durango“. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Microsoft. There are even alleged Microsoft XBOX Durango dev kits being listed for sale on EBAY for tens of thousands of dollars!

When asked if these kits were real by Kotaku, Microsoft replied with the somewhat vague comment…

“Xbox 360 has found [ Read More... ]