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Kojima announces patch for Zone of the Enders HD Collection & puts ZOE sequel “on hold”

Zone of the Enders sequel cancelled HD PS3 patch

Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders creator Hideo Kojima sounded off during a recent radio show discussing the future of the ZOE series. Kojima expressed his dissatisfaction with the ports of the PS2 classics in Zone of the Enders HD Collection (done by High Voltage Software). Particularly, he felt the drops in frames per second and choppiness in action scenes was unfair to fans. Consequently, he … [ Read More... ]

How to let people know you’re cosplaying as Otacon (MGS) & not a pharmacist

Otacon Otakon cosplay Metal Gear Solid MGS nerd lol
If you’ve ever been to a con there have always been Snakes slithering around. Solid Snake, from the Metal Gear series,  is a popular character to cosplay, however Otacon is not. I believe this for the fact that you can’t really tell if the cosplay is Otacon, a pharmacist, a doctor, or just some hipster douchebag wearing a lab coat. This MGS Otacon cosplayer had a funny … [ Read More... ]

Cover Art: Gradius III (SNES)

Welcome to Cover Art! A section of the site where we look at a retro video game’s box cover art and briefly discuss it’s gameplay and legacy.

Gradius III is a shmup (shoot-em-up) developed by Konami, originally for arcades and later, for the SNES. It was a US Super Nintendo launch released in August of 1991.

Gradius III cover art SNES

Considered by many to be one of the hardest games of all … [ Read More... ]

Latest Metal Gear Rising DLC lets you play as LQ-84i/Bladewolf

Metal Gear Rising Blade Wolf DLC screenshot 2

Metal Gear Rising is one of our favorite games of the year and featured some intense boss battles such as your encounter with LQ-84i. The good news is that fans will soon be able to play as the robotic wolf in the next DLC for MGRMetal Gear Rising Blade Wolf DLC tells us about the past of LQ-84i in addition to giving us 5 new VR Missions[ Read More... ]