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Cover Art: EarthBound (SNES)

Welcome to Cover Art! A section of the site where we look at a retro video game’s box cover art and briefly discuss it’s gameplay and legacy.

EarthBound, also known as Mother 2: Gyiyg Strikes Back in Japan, was developed by APE & Hal Laboratory for the Super Nintendo. It was released in the US in 1995 as a standalone title.

Earthbound cover art SNES

Although it didn’t sell that well, EarthBound[ Read More... ]

Nintendo annonces Earthbound on Wii U

Nintendo annonces Earthbound Wii U 3

To the delight of Nintendo fans everywhere the big N has finally announced that the cult classic SNES RPG Earthbound would soon be seeing a re-release in the North America, and for the first time ever it will also be released in Europe. While no release date was given, in the latest Nintendo Direct, President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata did confirm that the game would be … [ Read More... ]

Nintendo fans crush a project to put homebrew Zeldas on gold carts

Nintendo project homebrew Zeldas gold carts 2

Console modder “Wiggy” of Rose Colored Gaming started a project to take 2 popular Legend of Zelda homebrew games and put them on custom made SNES cartridges. Not only would they come on the cartridge, but would also include beautifully illustrated box art and a manual. The Zelda homebrew games are Zelda: Parallel Worlds & Zelda: Goddess Of Wisdom. Both of them are basically “New Game +” … [ Read More... ]

Watch this high speed video show the creation of a “Megaropolis” in SimCity SNES

SimCity Megaropolis SNES

I came across this video while looking up some SimCity info a couple weeks back. It’s a cool video that shows you the process of building a Megalopolis (Megaropolis) in SimCity on the SNES. The video is mostly played at 3000% speed of the gameplay. That combined with the awesome music playing makes this quite entertaining. The music sounds like some crazy techno, cyberpunk music but is actually the … [ Read More... ]