Retro Game Store Directory & Nominate Your Favorite Stores

Even though retro-styled games are making a comeback of sorts, important establishments that are part of retro gaming culture such as arcades and stores that stock retro games and gear are still on the decline. Since these establishments are becoming such a rarity, we need to keep retro gamers educated where existing places are located and make sure they are supported sufficiently.

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Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition Is Nearly Here!!!

We’re massive fans of Capcom’s 2D fighter, so we’re counting down the days to its PSN arrival (23rd of August). In addition to being an absolutely astonishing fighter, Capcom has included a number of additional features, many of them based around playing online.

You’ll be able to save all your replays, upload them directly to YouTube, live stream the replays of others and even take part in 8-player tournaments.

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GMA 2011 – We’re in!

So the finalists for this year’s Games Media Awards have been announced and Retro Gamer is really pleased to be up for Best Magazine again.  

If you somehow missed last year’s awards, we managed to scoop the award for Best Magazine – something that’s still yet to fully sink in.

We just want to say thanks to everyone that nominated for us again this year. By our maths (which isn’t … [ Read More... ]

The Games That Defined the Nintendo 64 (N64)

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This guide is part of the Defining Games Series 

Nintendo’s third major console release has had some interesting times.  While some reviewers praised its 3D graphics, its quality platformers and solid first-, subsidiary, and second-party support, others blasted its use of cartridges, its lack of solid fighting games and RPGs, and its supposed dearth of adult-themed games.  All opinions aside however, the Nintendo 64 had quite a … [ Read More... ]