Your guide to the best games on the Android Market

The ultimate guide to the Android Market is a must-have for Android owners. Reviewing and rating over 600 apps from every category on the Market, this bookazine contains apps that can help every part of your life. From business to entertainment, games and more, there are hundreds of apps reviewed to help you improve the functionality of your Android device.

“The growth of the Android Market has been phenomenal,” said … [ Read More... ]

Gears Of Board

Love Gears Of War? Already excited about the incoming release of Gears Of War 3, but need something to play in the meantime? Then when not seek out this impressive board game conversion?

Based on the first two games, it features great models, a number of different scenarios to play through and all the key features from the franchise, including cover, sealing locust holes, chainsaw attacks and much, much more.… [ Read More... ]

Radiant Silvergun Finally Available On Xbox Live Arcade

Finally, after months and months of waiting we’ve finally got our hands on Treasure’s Radiant Silvergun.

As expected it’s a great port of the amazing arcade/Saturn game and we’re pleased to say that it’s still as good as its ever been. Despite Cave having a recent stranglehold on the shoot-”em-up genre now, it’s clear to see that Treasure is still a master of the craft.

Radiant Silvergun is now available … [ Read More... ]

Splinter Cell Trilogy out now

Fans of Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell series will be pleased to hear that the first 3 games are now available to buy on PlayStation 3.

The Splinter Cell Trilogy contains Splinter Cell, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. All three games now feature improved visuals, so detail is now much higher and clearer than in the original PS2 versions of the games. Sadly however, the excellent multiplayer … [ Read More... ]