The Best Nintendo 64 (N64) Games Under $10

We’re continuing to update and expand our guides of the best cheap games for classic consoles and the N64 guide was very much in need of an update.  The N64 remains a very popular console on the secondary market, especially with the college-age crowd.   Because of this, it is becoming harder to find good prices on many of Nintendo’s biggest franchises.  Below you will find a lot of great games that you can still find for low prices.

Cheap Classics

Star Fox 64 Box Star Fox 64: $9
Just recently I revisited all the old Star Fox games. I was surprised how dated the original SNES game looks, but at the same time, impressed with the slick presentation of Star Fox 64. With it’s pure shooting action, it is the preferred Star Fox game of the series when compared to it’s Zelda-like Star Fox Adventures, mixed-mission-type Star Fox Assault, and the DS version that requires awkward stylus controls. Star Fox 64 remains an affordable classic that is still one of my favorite N64 games.
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Goldeneye 007 Box GoldenEye 007: $9
This groundbreaking title in the console FPS genre rather tired by today’s graphical standards, but remains a solid value for top-notch shooting goodness. Goldeneye 007 remains a nostalgic treat for Nintendo 64 owners, but if you want cutting edge FPS, you’ll obviously want to save your money for a newer title. Regardless, Goldeneye had one of the best control schemes for a console FPS, had a great storyline for single-player and some great maps for multiplayer action as well.
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Perfect Dark Box Perfect Dark: $7
Rare took the Goldeneye 007 engine to the next level with Perfect Dark resulting in one of the hottest games of 1999. Not only did Perfect Dark max out the capabilities of the N64 and its expansion pack, but it also had a steller story and some great weapons. The game was so good, even the XBox 360 sequel that was years in development couldn’t live up to the high expectations the original set in the minds of its fans. After a number of years, this classic is quite common and is one of the best values on the Nintendo 64.
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Diddy Kong Racing Box Diddy Kong Racing: $9
Mario Kart 64 might steal most of the spotlight, but Diddy Kong Racing is a kart racer rivaled (and in some ways surpassed) its predecssor.  It provided a solid adventure mode, and not only included karts, but also airplanes and hovercraft as usable vehicles.  It is getting a bit harder to find this gem for under $10 (especially in local stores), but it is worth the effort,.
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F-Zero X Box F-Zero X: $7
My personal favorite racer happens to be F-Zero GX for the Gamecube, but F-Zero X is the game that got me hooked on the series and many fans actually prefer it to its more shiny sequel.   Both games are all about extremely high speed in futuristic racers, and at just a few dollars, you will have a hard time beating the thrill of this speed demon.
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Wave Race 64 Box Wave Race 64: $5
Wave Race is another one of those great games that were made even better on the Gamecube, but Wave Race 64 holds up better than some others and is a great showpiece for the N64.
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Excitebike 64 Box Excitebike 64: $5
Like the classic game of the same name, Excitebike 64 is a dirtbike racer — and is quite a good one.. It features 20 tracks include indoor and outdoor courses, stunt areas, uphill climb challenges, licensed bikes and riders, a four-player multiplayer mode, and outstanding graphics. It really is exactly as you’d expect — Excitebike in 3D. To this day, a good dirtbike racer is hard to find, so Excitebike 64 is an excellent choice for those on a budget.
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Banjo Kazooie Box Banjo-Kazooie: $9
Banjo-Kazooie represents Rare’s most popular original characters (of which there are very few), and harken back to the first wave of quality 3D platformers. If you were a fan of Mario 64, then it’s pretty apparent that you’re going to like Banjo-Kazooie as well. While on the sruface, it is a Mario 64 clone, it has it’s own charm to make it a worthwhile venture. If you end up liking Banjo-Kazooie (or already own it), the sequel, Banjo-Tooie, is also quite affordable for a few more dollars.
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Blast Corps Box Blast Corps: $5
Released to very little media hype at launch, Blast Corps quickly won the hearts of N64 owners by offering a well-rounded combination of destructive gameplay and intelligent puzzles, topped off with a rocking soundtrack and good graphics. This favorite from the folks at Rareware is one of the best N64 games not to receive a sequel or remake, so it is an especially interesting game to pick up for the N64.
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Pokemon Puzzle League Box Pokemon Puzzle League: $6
Don’t be scared off by the Pokemon in the name. Sure, Nintendo added some Pokemon characters in the game, but at its core, Puzzle League (also known as Panel De Pon and Tetris Attack) is one of the best block-based puzzlers of all time. A few dollars is a small price to pay if you don’t have Tetris Attack on the SNES.
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Star Wars Rouge Squadron Box Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: $5
Bottom line with this game: If you like Star Wars and you like flight-based shooters, you will like Rogue Squadron.
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Pilotwings 64 Box Pilotwings 64: $8
Just like its SNES counterpart, this flight simulator launched the console and showed just what the Nintendo 64 could do, and it makes for a soothing experience.  It had remained a fan favorite that has finally recieved a sequel on the 3DS.
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WCW vs NWO Box WWF: No Mercy, WCW/NWO Revenge, WWF Wrestlmania 2000, WCW vs NWO: WorldTour: About $6 each
What the Nintendo 64 lacked in quality fighting games, it more than made up for in quality wrestling titles. AKI Corporation (now known as syn Sophia Inc.) made the best.  These games set the standard for many wrestling games to follow in terms of quality and combat systems, including new fighting systems, real arenas, and even adding in a Create-A-Wrestler mode with a deep library of wrestling moves.   Most of the titles you can find for just a few dollars now.  If you’re a wrestling fan, you can get lots of great value from the N64 library.
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Jet Force Gemini Box Jet Force Gemini: $6
This FPS gem from Rare is often forgotten by all but the most loyal N64 fans.  It has a lot of strengths (characters, gameplay, theme, replay value) and holds up well over the years comapred to many of its peers.  If you enjoy old-school FPS games and you have an N64, this is a must-buy after Goldeneye and Perfect Dark.
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Winback Covert Operations Box Winback: Covert Operations: $7
This little-known gem still doesn’t get much attention despite having the animation quality of a Resident Evil 2 and the stealth tactics of Metal Gear Solid.   If you are a fan of these types of games and don’t mind somewhat dated graphics, Winback is worth investing in.
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Mischeif Makers Box Mischeif Makers: $9
The N64 was very 3D-centric, so it’s a challenge to find a nice 2D platformer in its library.  Luckily, cult-classic factory, Treasure (in collaboration with Enix) came to the rescue with Mischeif Makers.  This game is one of Treasure’s lesser-known projects, but this platformer is a solid entry that features puzzle-solving, action elements, and Treasure’s trtademark quirkiness.
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