Skyrim Vs Adventure

Elder Scrolls V: Skrim is already being hailed as one of the best adventures games of all time. But is this analysis correct? Does it deserve the accolades that have been bestowed on it? More importantly, have reviewers actually played Adventure for the Atari 2600?

Join Retro Gamer, as we explain why Atari’s hit 2600 game, still has Skyrim beat.

Ooooh. There are dragons in Skyrim, they’re big and scary and they’re one of the main draws of the game. So what we say. Dragons have been around in games forever and there were awesome dragons in Adventure. Yes they looked like ducks, but this was good, because it meant that we had to use our imaginations. Remember that? The dragon I’m imagining right now is far better than anything in Skyrim and even now, when I play Adventure, those dragons in my head still fill me with fear.


Everyone goes on about how big Skrim is. The mention the vast locations, the gorgeous looking environments and that you can travel forever to your hearts content. So what we say. Playing 3D games still makes us disorientated and wondering around in circles for hours at a time is no fun for us. Adventure’s compact size is far more manageable, it has a maze. There are no mazes in Skyrim. Mazes are awesome, and the excellent 2D viewpoint ensures you never get lost. Adventure wins again.

Skyrim has loads of equipment you can use, it has Shouts, which enhance your character’s skills, it has potions that restore energy, and spells that allow you to survive your surroundings. So what we say. Adventure uses primitive squares and simple visuals to depict its magical items, allowing us to once again use our imagination, which is far stronger than anything a HD RPG can utilise. Equiping items in Skyrim is a hassle, due to the buttons you have to press. In Adventure, you simple walk into them and they magically stick to you. Imagine that, how effortless and simple. Yes you can only carry one item at a time, but even this is a good thing, because you really have to think about how to use each available item.

And the winner is…


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