DayZ Project Lead Dean Hall Meeting With Console Developers

Today at Gamescom DayZ project lead Dean “Rocket” Hall spoke with Joystiq and revealed that he is meeting with console developers about the possibility of releasing DayZ on consoles.

“You’re not going to put it on the consoles if you’re only going to sell 100,000 units or something like that,” he said. “DayZ will be driven by its PC development and it will innovative on that. And, once we’re at a point, we’ll take it and do a Mac version, 360 and PS3.”

This is of course big news right after the massively popular ARMA II mod has now started development as a standalone game officially published by Bohemia Interactive. With over 1 million players and counting, the PC release of DayZ will likely be a hit. Hopefully it will also see life on home consoles.

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