Oculus VR Gets New Office & Shares Updates with The Rift

Kickstarter legends and VR heroes Oculus VR have recently moved into a nice new office in Irvine, California. This comes only a few months after their massive Kickstarter which yielded over 2.4 million dollars from over 9500 backers. Wow. In their latest update via Kickstarter, Palmer Luckey and crew said, “We’re still getting setup, but the office is coming together nicely, with a full hardware lab, 3D printing room, even a small mo-cap VR space for testing and calibration of tracking hardware.

All those that backed a high enough amount of money will actually be getting one of the Rift Developer Kits (including us!). As expected, backers are anxious to get their hands on the new bleeding edge technology and experience the games it supports, which currently include Doom 3: BFG Edition, Hawken and Star Citizen, the new game being developed by the creator of the PC classic Wing Commander. Since it includes The Rift SDK it will allow aspiring developers to create their own virtual reality experiences. The Rift hardware is comprised of various components including optics, motion sensors and more. While the initial version we saw at Quakecon was duct taped together, the new model aspires to be a more friendly design with more specially designed technology.

Below are some prototype/beta photos of the upcoming Rift Dev Kit.

Early working prototypes of the new Oculus sensor

“Early 3D model of the developer kit”

Oculus VR Inc Official Site 


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