New Footage Showing Details of Square Enix’s Luminous Engine

Square Enix’s next gen engine is called Luminous Engine and it was shown off to the world earlier this year in a demo video called Agni’s Philosophy – FINAL FANTASY REALTIME TECH DEMO. More footage has surfaced, this time demonstrating the character models and showing how you can tune certain graphical settings. Some sites are calling this an Xbox 720 demo, although we’ve found nothing to confirm this claim. Regardless, you can watch these videos of unknown origin below.

Here are some screenshots from the Luminous Engine video in 1080p showing you some of the finer details…

Square Enix Luminous Engine Detail 5
Luminous Engine handles different materials quite well. Look at those chains.
Square Enix Luminous Engine Detail 4
The subtleties of hair captured in near Pixar quality… but in real time.
Square Enix Luminous Engine Detail 3
Again, different materials including gold and a variety of textiles.
Square Enix Luminous Engine Detail 2
Detail of hair coming right out of the skin along with light reflection on and in the eyeball. Also note the skin texture.
Square Enix Luminous Engine Detail 1
Notice details like sweat and a sense of volume in different parts of the body.

Quite impressive for a real time demo, especially if it is running on Playstation 4 and Xbox 720 equivalent hardware. Square Enix is obviously shooting for photo realism here and it looks like they’re well on their way. Considering the amount of graphical improvements that can happen over the course of a console’s lifespan as developers become better at using the hardware, this next generation might just bring us Pixar quality graphics, in real time, to your living room. If you’ve got the stomach for it, you can even watch Square Enix’s Open Conference discussing the Luminous Engine in great detail.

Check the original Agni’s Philosophy video below…

Agni’s Philosophy Official Site

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