Dead Space 3 Will Have In-Game Purchases Like a Mobile App



Dead Space 3 will now have the ability to purchase goods in-game…. For real money. What is this? Is Dead Space 3 some sort of Mobile App. Apparently the producer John Calhoun thinks so. The Producer of Dead Space 3 said that these micro-transactions exist because they intend to court in mobile gamers. Here is a small section from an interview that Computer And Video Games had with the producer…

“There’s a lot of players out there, especially players coming from mobile games, who are accustomed to micro-transactions. They’re like ‘I need this now, I want this now’. They need instant gratification. So we included that option in order to attract those players, so that if they’re 5000 Tungsten short of this upgrade, they can have it. We need to make sure we’re expanding our audience as well. There are action game fans, and survival horror game fans, who are 19 and 20, and they’ve only played games on their smartphones, and micro-transactions are to them a standard part of gaming. It’s a different generation. So if we’re going to bring those people into our world, let’s speak their language, but let’s not alienate our fans at the same time.”

Now everybody plays mobile games, I’m sure of it, but I actually never buy in-app purchases. They really tick me off a lot. So the idea of in-game purchases happening in a real video game makes me a little mad. Why would this even ‘court’ in mobile gamers anyhow? This seems stupid to me. People who use this will most likely be lazy Dead Space players, honestly. The only redeeming part to this issue with Dead Space 3 is that you can still earn the items and weapons in a good ol’ fashioned way. By working hard and kicking butt, the real gratification came from knowing you played hard to earn something. That’s the way I remember from games I grew up playing, not the way games are now where you can spend real money to unlock the next stage. I mean what the heck?

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