A Foam Hand is the Most Powerful Weapon in Dead Space 3?


A video from PrimaGames, a strategy site, shows you how to unlock the most powerful weapon in Dead Space 3… The “Devil Horns” weapon… However this weapon isn’t some sort of satanic device… In fact it’s just a foam pointing finger. (Yes, like the kind you would get at a novelty shop or a sports game.)  To unlock the deadly foam “Devil Horns” you must beat Dead Space 3 in classic mode. Now a little history from this series, in Dead Space 2 they had a foam finger, too, but in Dead Space 2 you had to beat the game on the hardcore difficulty. Is this going to be something that stays through the whole series now? I really do enjoy little jokes inside video games. Usually the novelty items in games have a story behind them.. Y’know something silly between the creators. I wonder if this Dead Space 3 weapon has a story? Dead Space 3 is available for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.





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