Hands On: Crysis 3 Beta Impressions

Crysis 3 beta handson

Crysis 3 is the latest FPS from Crytek. A downloadable multiplayer beta of Crysis 3 was recently made available for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. We tried out the Playstation 3 version for a couple hours to see how it fairs. Here’s a breakdown of our impressions…


  • Nice graphics for the Playstation 3 (probably better on PC)
  • Great controls
  • Jumping and climbing is awesome
  • Shooting feels solid


  • Connection timed out a few times
  • The invisible effect seems a bit limited
  • Shooting sound effects seem a bit “wimpy”

Over all, we liked what we saw. The game has a general feeling of quality. In some ways it reminded us of the last few Halo games, but better. The jumping physics in Crysis 3 are very satisfying. The stomp makes for a deadly attack and the feeling you get from grabbing on to a ledge is great. That part kinda reminded me of Dishonored and even Mirror’s Edge, and that’s cool. The graphics were pretty nice. The foliage was pretty and the water looked nice; a bit jagged, but that’s expected these days with high end PC games. Overall, Crysis 3 looks like a game we’ll want to get. You can download and play the Crysis 3 beta demo your self on Playstation Network, Xbox Live or on the official Crysis website (for PC).

Crysis Official Site

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