Sony is giving you $10 for using their much improved PSN Store

Sony is giving you $10 for using their much improved PSN Store

Over the years, the Playstation Network has had it’s ups and downs. One of the worst parts of buying games on your PS3 was the interface of the store. As a PC user, another thing I noted was how Sony did not really compete with Steam, who put games up for sale seasonally. After this last holiday season, as a PS3 user, I’m happy to say that Sony has started to wise up. The store is much improved over the previous iterations. Furthermore, they actually have sales now, especially during holidays, which is great. Completing this package is also Playstation Plus, which is a sort of discount club for gamers. Not only does it reduce the price of many games, you also get this wonderful thing called “Instant Game Collection.” It includes a handful of games, typically a bit older, that you can download and play totally for free. Another big improvement is now you can shop the PSN store from you PC.

Starting now through March, Sony is running a new sale on PSN. $10 dollars off every $50 dollars you spend on the store. The operative word is “every.” For example, if you spend $200 then you get $40 off. The offer is valid for anything on the PSN Store including games and movies; even pre-orders.

The promotion runs from Feb 26, 12:01 am (PST) through Mar 1, 11:59pm (PST), 2013.


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