The Phantom Pain Site Updated; Joakim Mogren says “unlikely” to appear at Sony’s show tonight

Remember all the zaniness that is Joakim Mogren & Moby Dick Studios making a game called The Phantom Pain? Yeah, the one everyone thinks is Metal Gear Solid 5. Well, Joakim Mogren posted on social media today to let us know that we probably won’t see The Phantom Pain tonight on the Playstation Meeting 2013 event. Given the strange nature of this whole situation,  I say thats a challenge to watch it because there probably will be some new Phantom Pain footage.

The Phantom Pain Site Updated

Furthermore, The Phantom Pain website has been updated. Now the whole page shows the definition of “phantom limb” with “2:20” at the bottom left. Today is 2/20… so again, it hints at something happening today. There’s also some text at the bottom of the page, hidden into the background, which reads, “The Neuromatrix effectuation and schemas of Phantom Pain are all presupposed by probative concepts and attestations. (Reingard., 1987).

Kojima has officially announced that he is not Joakim Mogren nor is he related to Moby Dick Studios, and is not making The Phantom Pain. Although we know how much Hideo Kojima likes plot twists. Kojima and his team are currently working on Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes which is said to lead up to the events of MGS5. The Phantom Pain first debuted at Spike’s Video Game Awards last year. You can see the video and our write up for it below.

Phantom Pain website

Source: Facebook

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