Activision R&D shows off the near future of real time graphics (Video + High Res images)

activision rd tech demo graphics next gen

The thinking men and women over at Activision have been in the lab for many years, figuring out next gen graphics. This tech demonstration is running on current PC hardware using DirectX 11, although they stress it is not actual gameplay.

The person’s face, animation data and voice are from Light Stage Facial Scanning and Performance Capture by USC Institute for Creative Technologies. The same data used by Nvidia earlier this month. As you can see the quality of light on the skin, wrinkles, and more. Activision technical director Jorge Jimenez explained at GDC that the goal is to produce better visuals to allow more emotional story telling in games. He claims the above video demonstration was running on his team’s 2 year old laptop. He also explained that this is the result of years of work and that he’s not satisfied yet. His next focus is to create more realistic hair, teeth, and eyebrows.

Acitivision R&D also released some screens which show the visual fidelity of their latest graphics techniques…

Jiminez says, “We believe this technology will bring current generation characters, into next generation life. At 180 fps in a Geforce GTX 680.” Makes you wonder what the next COD will look like.


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