gmDoom: Garry’s Mod Doom Mod

Just incase there weren’t enough source ports of id Software’s genre defining classic DoomGhorsHammer decided to add Garry’s Mod to the love fest. He’s taken the beloved Doom HUD, weapons and monsters and blended them into the Valve physics based FPS. While the concept isn’t really new, it does look really well done.

Check out the gameplay video below demonstrating gmDoom

GhorsHammer explains that the addon will be downloadable via Steam Workshop within a few days. It appears to support IWADs, meaning you might be able use your legal copy of Doom or the Doom Shareware episode to play this.

We’ve also got some gmDoom screenshots…

gmDoom Garrys Mod Doom Mod 3

gmDoom Garrys Mod Doom Mod 2

gmDoom Garrys Mod Doom Mod 1

Garry’s Mod is available for purchase on Steam for Windows PC, Mac OS X and Linux.

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