Grab an official Quake & Doom Shirt on Bethesda’s brand new online store

In the old PC days of gaming, we were starved of awesome merchandise; and whenever there was merch, it was extremely limited edition. Here’s your chance to wear your video games on your chest and get some official id Software and Bethesda shirts. There’s actually quite a bit of stuff on the store including a Skyrim statue, Dishonored tee-shirts, and Fallout sneakers.

Check out these simple, but great Quake and Doom shirts…
official Quake Doom Shirt Bethesda online store

But seriously now, if you love Bethesda games, there’s tons of stuff for Dishonored, Skyrim and Fallout. Definitely a must see for fans. Now can we get a little bit of Rage love Bethesda?

The Bethesda Store

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