Hayter not offered to reprise Snake in MGS 5 (Confirmed)

David Hayter MGS 5 Snake Voice

Long time voice actor, David Hayter, who has played multiple versions of the character Snake in every Metal Gear Solid game says he was never offered to come back this time. Metal Gear Solid 5 will apparently feature a different voice actor than David Hayter for the iconic Snake.

When Hayter saw the new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain he tweeted “At least I had a good run.” Fans asked if he was ever offered the part to which he replied, “Nope.”

According to GTTV’s Geoff KeighleyKojima confirmed that Hayter will not be playing Snake.

This has caused an outcry in the MGS fan community causing them to take action by creating a petition to series creator Hideo Kojima to hire David Hayter as Snake. You can check out the “Bring Back David Hayter as the voice actor for Snake In MGS V” petition here.

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