King Voxel: Inspired by Zelda with the soul of Minecraft

King Voxel Inspired Zelda Minecraft screenshot 2

Minecraft has taken the world by storm with it’s retro looking, 3D voxel graphics. New projects using voxels are turning up quite often, continuing the trend of retro-like graphics. Every now and then an awesome looking game comes around, such as King Voxel. King Voxel is a an action RPG heavily influenced by Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series and Atari 2600’s Adventure. It’s ambitions are simple… that is to create a video game which gives you the same simple satisfaction as the classic top down Zelda games but with infinite replay value, like Adventure. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

Check out the gameplay trailer for King Voxel

King Voxel is being developed by Canadian programmer Phillip Meyer and his company, Lecker Klecker. King Voxel has been built upon his own voxel based, cell shaded graphics engine with soft tiles for a smooth look called the Bloctorok Engine. He’s also created his own tools for creating characters and levels for the game. Impressive. He’s already got gameplay video of it and screenshots; it looks pretty great in my opinion. In order to complete the game, he’s looking for funding via IndieGogo which will allow him to focus on the game completely while still paying his bills. Check out his King Voxel IndieGogo campaign video below…

King Voxel Screenshots…

With promise of random generated quests allowing for unlimited replays, you can support King Voxel’s development below. King Voxel is being developed for PC.

King Voxel IndieGogo Campaign

King Voxel Official Site

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