Put the controller down: Use your mind for gaming

Throw Trucks With Your Mind

That’s what programmer Lat Ware is making a reality. He’s developing a new game called Throw Trucks With Your Mind. It uses a special EEG headset which allows you to throw objects in the game, using only your mind. This concept is not entirely new as there are other games that use an EEG headset to allow you to play little games; typically simple games like tug of war between 2 people. So what makes Throw Trucks With Your Mind special? Those games usually suck. They’ve got about 10 minutes worth of depth and the enjoyment purely lies in the novelty of the headset. Lat Ware wants to make a real game. He programmed a prototype on his own and it works. The video below is quite cool and shows you the prototype game. You can also see the faces of surprise on people truly immersed since the game requires concentration in order to move the objects.

Now the proof of concept is there with a working prototype. If you want to play a cool, fun game with actual depth then you can support Throw Trucks With Your Mind via Kickstarter. Lat Ware has done the base programming, now he needs to hire on some artists and designers that will make it an original, enjoyable experience. The controls for the game use your usual PC FPS controls, allowing movement via keyboard and mouse. The EEG headset comes into play when you are attacking other players, there are no guns in the game. Just objects in the game work that you can look at and concentrate on to strike your opponents with. Lat Ware says there will be a single player mode but the core of the game will be networked multiplayer which will feature modes like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Fridge (a CTF variant), King Of The Hill, and Hunt The Hunters.

Lat Ware summarizes, “If we hit our initial funding goals, we’ll raise enough money to make a multiplayer psychic brawler and much fun will be had by all. All the rewards on offer will be delivered as promised and you’ll get everything you’ve seen in the video but done with original artwork, animations, sound effects, and levels—a fully-realized multiplayer psychic combat simulator. More importantly, people will throw trucks at each other over the internet by using the power of their brains. And frankly that’s pretty dang awesome for a finish line.”

It’s a lot like deathmatching with your mind. Check out the concept art his artistic friends have made to show you how Throw Trucks With Your Mind will look.

Lat Ware Throw Trucks With Your Mind

Throw Trucks With Your Mind is being developed for Windows and Mac OS. It will require the MindWave headset to use the mind control features. The $150 pledge includes this headset and the game.

You can support Throw Trucks With Your Mind via Kickstarter.

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