Well, well, well. GDC has been fun this year, no? I love to hear about all these stupid issues people have had over this event. The female GDC issues amuse me most of all. This is my opinion, so shut up for a bit and listen, okay?  Supposedly Mojang threw a party with paid models to be there. Whether or not this is true I just don’t know, and with the way this got why would Notch admit to it anyway? This blew up like crazy sh*t. With the Mojang party I don’t really know what to say. Honestly I don’t give two sh*ts whether the Indie game company hired women (and then lied) or didn’t hire (and were accused of lying). You can’t really disprove a negative, anyways.

E3 Booth Babe Controversy Women Sexism

What I find more interesting is the losses of IGDA members. First of all, Brenda Romero was the co-chair of IGDA Women in Games Special Interest Group and she gave it up because of booth women, aka ‘Booth Babes’, at GDC 2013. Now, I personally do not mind ‘the booth babes’ or cosplayers or whatever at gaming conferences. It comes with the gaming/nerdy territory. But ladies it’s a party.. At a bar. What did you expect? It’s not really part of the GDC, its an after party, hosted at a bar/club. Really. Its something that is obvious. Does that mean every time you see a Hooters girl you feel uncomfortable? Or if you go to the mall and you have the woman in her extremely revealing clothes; does that make you feel uncomfortable? Grow up. I understand wanting females to be treated right in game development, trust me I do. But how the hell does whining about go-go dancers at a party matter at all or even make women seem serious? When I was younger I always wanted to go to E3, especially after seeing the pretty awesome ladies wearing techno type outfits. But thats just me. On another note, the women that worked at the party were hired because they said ‘yes’ to the job. I know for sure they had a choice to be ‘objectified’ or not. I mean seriously. The only reason you’d feel uncomfortable is if your worried that they have something you don’t have, but what does that matter either? The women, like Brenda Romero, were there because they are developers not because they were sex icons. So, why would they feel that by having dancers at a party it made that all women are just there for men’s pleasure. Please tell me how that makes sense at all.

I hope the crap with women in the gaming industry dies down a bit. Being that not all women want to scream ‘sexism’ because of a freaking party. At that rate why not just make everything fair and hire male dancers for parties, too.  Lets just be ‘sexist’ all the way. Oh, whee sarcasm. Look at the bottom photo.. OH NO BLOOD AND A CHEER LEADER OUTFITS? WHAAAAT? HOW COULD YOU NOW WE NEED TO CENSOR LIFE!  Yeah, censor one thing what will come next? Why put the booth babes out of jobs? Ladies take it the hell easy and stop being crazy. Men just stop being morons.I have now solved everyone’s problems, the end.

gdc controversy sexism

What do you guys and gals think?

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