Criterion Games: No Burnout, No NFS, No Black… something new

Criterion Games Burnout Paradise

Via a series of tweets from Criterion Games creative director Alex Ward, the studio is currently working on a secret project. He set fair expectations to fans who were waiting for sequels of past Criterion games like Burnout, Black and Need for Speed. Ward explained that the time isn’t right for those titles. He even rested rumors about Criterion working on a new Road Rash game. Furthermore, he expressed, “After over a decade of making racing games, it’s time to make something new.” This could hint at his team making a non racing game, or simply a totally new racing game. He stresses that he has “nothing to announce” yet.

If you really want to over speculate this, a tweet from this February puts Ward in Nintendo of America’s offices. Could they be working on a special project for Nintendo’s fledgling Wii U?

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