Dark Souls II gameplay video and screenshots

Dark Souls II screenshot 12

Details including gameplay video and screenshots have been revealed for From Software’s upcoming action RPG, Dark Souls II. IGN interviewed Yui Tanimura (Director, From Software) and Tak Miyazoe (Global Producer, Namco Bandai) which revealed many details about the gameplay and focus of Dark Souls II.

Dark Souls II will have a heavier focus on stage design and the “3D” nature of them; for example multi tiered stages, bridges, etc. Enemies will also be more reactive when fighting for example in one scene, there is a monster in a prison cell. If you shoot him through the bars with an arrow, he comes enraged and breaks out to attack you. There are also variations to how the player can die and lose in the game. For example, you could be run over by a chariot, or pushed off a cliff by animals. This is because they wanted to give the player many obstacles to overcome that are unique, which will make the game more satisfying.

Dark Souls II Despair trailer…

Dark Souls II screenshots gallery…

You can watch the IGN interview below which shows off several minutes of Dark Souls II gameplay video…

Dark Souls II is being developed by From Software and published by Namco Bandai. It is the follow up to Dark Souls, which was the spiritual sequel to Demon’s Souls. Dark Souls 2 is being developed for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. A release date has not been announced yet although it is expected some time in 2014.

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