Pre-order exclusives for Soul Sacrifice (Playstation Vita) ending in 2 days

Soul Sacrifice pre-order playstation vita

The latest (and possibly greatest) game by Mega Man & Dead Rising co-creator Keiji Inafune’s US release date for Playstation Vita is this Tuesday (April 30, 2013). The exclusive pre-order perks for Soul Sacrifice include two costumes and 3 magic items (Spirits’ Flamepike, Blightstone, and Fulgurwood). For purists, it also includes the original Japanese voiceovers.

Soul Sacrifice has so far received rave reviews in Japan, with Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu giving it a nearly perfect score of 37/40. It’s being considered a “killer app” for the Playstation Vita boosting sales considerably in Japan. The title has been compared to Monster Hunter in that the objective of the game revolves around “hunting” various types monsters with an emphasis on resource management. The dark fantasy game features a reportedly engaging single player campaign in addition to multiplayer content. Soul Sacrifice was developed by Marvelous AQL and SCE Japan Studio and published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

You can pre-order Soul Sacrifice here


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