Respawn’s game *rumored* to be Xbox/Durango exclusive, no single player & require internet

Respawn new game Titan

As they’re famous for, Kotaku has run a new article of sourceless speculation which suggests that Respawn Entertainment’s (founded by the creators of the Call of Duty series) first game will be Xbox 360 and Durango exclusive. Were this true, it would give Microsoft a big pull for military FPS fans in the upcoming console war. The upcoming Respawn FPS will feature heavily armed foot soldiers fighting with or against giant exoskeleton mecha called Titans that can be piloted. Multiplayer balancing includes restricting the amount of Titans in a map with foot soliders well armed. Supporting this theory of Respawn making a science fiction based FPS, the studio has also trademarked the word Titan.

Furthermore, their sources also indicated that Respawn’s new game will be exclusive to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and next gen Xbox/Durango. The main version being developed by Respawn Entertainment will be for the next gen hardware while the 360 version will be developed by another team working closely with Respawn. Additionally, the title is said to be always-online which would support claims that the next Xbox will require a constant network connection. This is continued with sources claiming Respawn’s new FPS will be heavily focused on multiplayer although it is unknown if it will support offline play. Furthermore, the game may not even have a single player campaign, but rather a continuous multiplayer world that tallies the scores from the 2 sides of the war.

Claims also suggest that the title is being developed with a modified version of Valve’s Source engine. An interesting choice since EA has their own next gen tech in the form of the Frostbite Engine which reportedly has made this game somewhat less visually impressive than Battlefield 4.

Respawn’s new game is not expected to be released this year, but rather sometime in 2014. In any case, we should find out soon as Vince Zampella has mentioned on twitter that his company’s new game will be revealed at E3.


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