American McGee prepares for possible Alice 3: Otherlands kickstarter

American McGees Alice 3 Otherlands concept art 1

Back in March, we had posted about American McGee mentioning the wonderful thought of an Alice 3. He had asked fans to make some noise about the idea to get EA’s attention because they own the current publishing rights. The current title for the possible upcoming American McGee Alice game is.. Alice: Otherlands. American McGee states that it will be the final chapter to Alice’s adventures in the demented and twisted world of Wonderland. American McGee also commented on the Alice: Otherlands Facebook page that there definitely will be some co-op and multiplayer gameplay. On this facebook he’s also posted up concept art for the game which shows you some of the UI and gameplay perspective. You can see American McGee’s Alice 3: Otherlands concept art below…

American McGees Alice 3 Otherlands concept art 3

American McGees Alice 3 Otherlands concept art 2

As for the deal with EA, American McGee won’t know for sure (if he has the rights to make a new Alice) until July of this year. Assuming they do authorize the creation of sequel, McGee is looking to develop the game with his Shanghai based studio Spicy Horse and fund it via Kickstarter or similar crowd funding service.

Stay up to date on the possible sequel via the Alice: Otherlands Facebook Page. American McGee is actively posting in the comments, replying to fans.

This article includes resources gathered from our in-house investigative reporter, George Eleftheriou

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